Electronic Document Signatures

Document Signature System

Any agenda document can be designated to require signatures of acceptance from all or any selected meeting attendees.

BoardCloud provides two methods of electronically signing board documents, both of which produce legally signed documents. The default method is to sign selected documents against BoardCloud’s X509 Document Signing security certificate.  X509 certificates are used for website security certificates (SSLs) as well as for document-based verification of digital identities.

BoardCloud makes use of X.509 digital identify functionality to verify that a document has been signed by the logged in meeting member. For Enterprise users of BoardCloud, it is possible to adjust our standard signing process to integrate an external document signature provider like DocuSign or similar providers.

Setting Up a Document for Signing

Any document in a meeting’s agenda can be selected for signing and the required attendees can be tagged as signatories. The image below shows a budget spreadsheet on the meeting agenda that has been marked for signature by two of the meeting attendees.

Agenda document for esignature

Signature Process

BoardCloud will append an additional page at the end of document tagged for signature. Signature boxes for each designated signatory, will appear on this extra page. These signature boxes resemble the Adobe type of hand signed input boxes. Members are expected to sign in their designated signature box using the mouse for input.

Signatures are collected on a round-robin basis, which allows only one member to sign at a time. The interactive messaging from BoardCloud’s active meeting surface makes this process seamless, allowing documents to signed in real-time during meetings.

Signature boxes look similar to the image below:

E-signature document with signatory boxes

X509 Signed Agenda Documents

When a signature is entered and the document is saved, BoardCloud uses:

  • the information of the logged-in user who signed the document
  • the date and time
  • its X509 certificate