Auto Create Teams and Zoom Meetings

Video-Conference Software Integration

BoardCloud has a convenient feature that makes meeting creation simpler and faster. It provides integrations into Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

This integration allows BoardCloud to generate a video conference meeting link at the same time as the meeting is setup. The Zoom and Teams selection can be seen in the image below:

Create Meeting with Teams or Zoom Link

What the Teams/Zoom Integration Does

For either Teams or Zoom, a video meeting is created and a link to the meeting is saved as part of the meeting. When members click on this link, the specific meeting join screen will open in a new tab.

The link is emailed in meeting invites and also appear in the Details section of the meeting itself. The in-meeting link looks similar to the image below, which in this case shows a Teams meeting link:

Join a Teams Meeting from BoardCloud
At present our video conference integration only creates a meeting and a link to the meeting.

In future releases, we will introduce the retrieval of meeting recordings, linked to each specific meeting.

What the Integration Does Not Do

At present, integrations do not:

  • Add meetings to Teams calendars
  • Send invites from Teams or Zoom (because BoardCloud does this)