Setting up BoardCloud Forms Configuration

Setting Up Forms for a Tenant

Below are the simple steps required for a server administrator to enable the Forms option on a BoardCloud tenant.

In order to carry out this work, the administrator requires, read-write access to specific tenant configuration file the webserver stored in:  ..\App_Data\Sites\tenant name folder.

Once the folder has been accessed there will be a file called  appsettings.json, which needs to to opened in a text editor. Typically this file does not contain a lot of information because the main settings are configured in the main shared appsettings file. A full example is shown below:

BoardCloud settings

When open the appsettings.json file will need to be modified and saved after the settings below have been changed. 

Appsetings Work

Locate the Features setting in the appsettings.JSON file

It should look similar to this:   "Features": [ "BC.XXXX" ],

Add the key: "BC.OrbeonForms" so that the Features config looks like this:  

 "Features": [ "BC.OrbeonForms" ],

Or maybe with more features:

"Features": ["BC.SharePoint", "BC.OrbeonForms", "BC.ZoomAPI", "BC.TeamsAPI"],

Do not remove any existing Feature setting, just add the BC.OrbeonForms to the list, exactly as shown above.

Spelling mistakes and incorrect syntax will result in a failure to load the tenant's site.


Next, check if you can see a section that looks like this:

  "BC_CloudSetup": {
    "LoginBackgroundColor": "#fabb00",
    "EmailBackgroundColor": "#F6F8FC",
    "DefaultCulture": "en-UK",
    "EnableForms": true

If not then add it as above.

Final Step

Recycle the IIS App Pool or from the HOST Configuration menu in the master tenant, using the option Manage Tenants.

Check to see if you now have a left navigation menu item called ‘Forms’. Then click the option to check if you can access the Forms page.

Please contact [email protected] is you run into any problems.