Create a Meeting

Add a New Meeting

You can create a BoardCloud meeting in a few clicks.

1) Click the New Meeting button at the top of Dashboard page. 

2) A form will open where you can add meeting details

3) After you have filled in your meeting details (see Data Entry below), click the Create button and your meeting page will open, ready for you to start creating your agenda.

Create a New Meeting screen should look similar to this:

Create a new meeting

Meeting Data Entry

Meeting data entry is divided into two sections. The section on the left contains the only mandatory entry fields. These are Meeting Title, Start date and time of the meeting and at least one attending member or group.

Minimum Data Entry

  1. Meeting title
  2. Meeting start date and time
  3. Attendee(s)

Adding Meeting Attendees

The system expects at least one attendee per meeting. It can accommodate the invitation of one or more committees as well as individual members.

Repeat Meetings

The system can create a series of meetings using the current meeting as a template. Click here to read more about Repeat Meetings in BoardCloud.

Guest attendees can be added from the meeting detail page page:

Read More

Optional Meeting Field Virtual Meeting Link

A link to a virtual meeting can be optionally be manually added. 

First make you you have copied the meeting link from your video conferencing system. 

Then click the Enter Link radio button under the Virtual Meeting section. An entry field for for your meeting link will appear as well as optional inputs for meeting Id and Passcode.

Zoom, Teams virtual link details

Simply copy your video link meeting and paste it into this field. You should test the link to make sure it works. 

 Once a link is added, it will be surfaced on the Meeting Dashboard screen as part of meeting details. (The system will attempt to label the link by the video meeting system the link targets)

Find out more technical details about links API's and keys:

Click Here

Join video conference link

Some notes about data entry.

  • End Meeting dates are automatically set to 2-hours after the meeting start time (on the same day)
  • The system will warn for (but will not prevent the saving of)  meetings that have:
    • Meeting dates in the past
    • Meeting dates that fall over weekends 

Extended Data Entry Section

The data entry section on the right is designed for the entry of meeting details that are not essential and can be added on an as needed basis.

Meeting Location

If you would like to include a Google Maps link to your meeting, enter the meeting address into the Physical Location input box. These details will be passed to Google Maps to create a link to a live map. 

Meeting Location is shown:

  • on the Dashboard page as part of the My Next Meeting details pane
  • on the Details pane of the Meeting page, with a clickable link to a Google Map.
  • in the invitation email sent to members as part of the Notify Attendees process

Below is an example of the details sent via a meeting invite email:

Meeting Invitation Email details

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