Cover Page Overlays

How Cover Page Overlays Work

We use the term overlay to refer to a template for the board pack cover page, that is dynamically adjusted based on the specific meeting details.

An overlay in the context of board packet covers refers to the printing of text that is meeting specific against the background of a graphically designed cover page.

Overlays are committee specific and draw text from following meeting settings:

  1. Committee name
  2. Meeting title
  3. Meeting date
  4. Meeting time

Note: Cover templates are not mandatory. It is possible to use an cover per meeting or per committee that is uploaded per meeting or else that is applied to all meetings relating to that committee.

Read more about dynamic cover pages:
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Background Cover Templates

These kinds of templates are single page designs that are sized to exactly match the standard paper sizes supported by BoardCloud. 

These sizes are: 

  • A4
  • Letter
  • Legal

To view detailed page sizes in pixels for BoardCloud meeting packs:
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Designing Cover Templates

There can be a single cover template that is applied from Admin - Default Cover Page, that is applied to all committees. Or else the system allows for a specific cover template per committee.